Youth development organization TTG brings youth and sport together


Youth development organization TTG has spent the past year working hard to teach, develop and provide opportunities for young people in the community to learn fundamental life skills while instilling life lessons and values ​​such as as character, leadership, teamwork, discipline, integrity and sportsmanship.

Their overall objective is to create a place accessible to young people in the community who may not have had the opportunity to have a shared educational and sporting experience.

“Trained To Go” is a community-based organization that seeks to help all children and provide them with the opportunity to learn many fundamental life skills, while learning essential lessons and values ​​at the same time.

Youth development organization TTG was founded by Ian Hayes, who in 2020, Ian Hayes noticed that some children in his community were being denied opportunities due to financial need and limited transportation to attend various activities . Due to financial hardship, lack of transportation and/or family issues, these children were unable to attend other programs.

Last year alone, they successfully served 13 children and their families. Through their programs, these children were not only able to use their athletic talents to the fullest of their abilities, but also learn relevant social and life skills.

Through the guidance of TTG’s program, these children have learned to become better students and citizens within their communities. And without TTG, many opportunities would have been unnecessarily suppressed and not offered to children with financial problems.

Going forward, they are looking to create additional opportunities by adding a women’s basketball team, creating another basketball team for boys as well as a flag football team for beginners.

If you want to know more about TTG, you can visit www.ttgyouth.comor email them at


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