Youth Development Week: Work Experience


Forest Green Rovers are affectionately known as the little club on the hill, but in reality it is a club with the community at its centre.

Historically, football clubs have always played a central role in education, with clubs and stadiums providing a great way to engage people of all ages in learning activities, whether by promoting formal education such as Fit2Last, Premier League Primary Stars or more informal tours like our eco-tours or cooking sessions.

Through all of our programs, events and activities, we help people realize their potential and consider their impact on their wider community and environment.

We have worked with the local business partnership to help young school leavers develop their maintenance skills and facilitate company days, as well as encourage volunteering through our volunteering program. ambassadors and to our past ambassadors and matchday opportunities.

In 2021, we welcomed two A-level students from Hartpury College, Jamie and Matt, for work experience – immersing them in community activities with the Trust FGR community supporting education and employability.

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Looking back on his time with us, Jamie said: “I really enjoyed my week at FGR, visiting a variety of different schools and taking on a new challenge every day.

“I enjoyed meeting new children and getting to know them individually and their strengths and weaknesses during our sessions. I realized that each child had unique thoughts and strategies that can be used effectively in our sessions. physical education.

“I feel like I learned the best ways to teach kids and keep everyone involved throughout the session, which gave me the confidence to organize my own sessions and lead from the start. .”

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Matt said: “My job at Forest Green has honestly been one of the most valuable weeks I’ve had.

“Because of the questions I asked and the environment I was in, everyone was more than happy to give me advice and help me better understand what I would like to do at home. finishing my university studies and the direction in which I would like my career to go.

“I learned a lot more about what goes on inside a football club and the wide range of jobs available within it, as well as observing the community side of the club. The community side of Forest Green is such a brilliant way to help the local community and schools from teaching English and reading to physical education, all of which I have participated in and learned from.”

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Since their first work experience, Matt and Jamie have volunteered as assistant coaches at our 2021 holiday soccer camps, where we paid for them to complete their L1 coaching course and are now paid coaches in our camps. They have since completed their A-Levels and are taking a year off before going to college, but continue to work at our summer camps.

Jamie plans to go to university to study sports business management, where he aims to develop a career in this field.

Matt has expressed his desire to expand his knowledge and experience as a coach. Thanks to the community team, we hope that Matt can join us in a greater capacity to carry out our other projects such as Premier League Kicks.


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